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Neural Network Ruins Disney Songs Forever

23 March 2017

In people, short-term reminiscence permits unrehearsed recall for a interval of a number of seconds to a minute. In neural networks, it introduces hilarious results.

In her newest AI experiment, analysis scientist Janelle Shane adjusted the size of her pc’s reminiscence, making it “actually, actually brief.”

Due to this fact, when the community seems to be again over generated content material, it sees solely a few phrases at a time, as a substitute of full phrases.

“Right here’s how this performs out once I practice a neural community to write down lyrics to Disney songs,” Shane teased in a blog post.

Beginning with a listing of 224 tunes (about eight,200 strains), the system displayed a “modest” reminiscence size of 50 letters, which seems to be a little bit one thing like this:

“ow you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid


Kids of the ’90s will immediately acknowledge these uneven sentences because the opening lyrics of “A Entire New World,” the attractive ballad sung on excessive (from a magic carpet) in Aladdin.

And identical to you’re now singing together with Jasmine and her prince, the neural community can memorize complete strains of songs. Although, with a level of randomness constructed into the system, it doesn’t at all times land on the proper chord.

“An entire new world (An entire new world)

A brand new unbelievable perspective

Nobody to inform us no

Or the place we’ll stay”

I personally just like the rebellious twist on Tim Rice’s lyrics.

The track continues, launching right into a repetitive refrain of “let it snow” (the unique tune written in 1945, and recorded for Disney’s Phineas and Ferb Vacation Favorites album), earlier than finally settling right into a Pocahontas theme:

“With the colours of the wind

Are you able to paint with all the colours of the wind

Are you able to paint with all the colours of the wind

Are you able to paint with all the colours of the wind

Are you able to paint with all the colours of the wind

Are you able to paint with all the colours of the wi”

Repeating strains within the unique dataset (as Pocahontas does as she and John Smith frolic via the forest) creates a broken-record impact: the neural community merely learns that one line is adopted by the identical line.

“What it doesn’t know, nonetheless, is what number of ‘colours of the wind’ strains it’s already seen at a given level,” Shane defined.

With restricted hindsight, the community doesn’t know whether or not to maneuver on to the following line, or hold singing the identical one.

“Often, like Dory, it simply retains singing,” she stated.

With every trim of characters—from 50 to 20 to 10 to 5—the community’s performance begins to dwindle.

Enroll on-line to relive your childhood and get extra bastardized variations of Disney songs from Shane’s neural community. And, assist an AI out by getting into the primary line of a novel to assist beef up the NaNoWriMo dataset tried earlier this month.

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